Brassica Solutions

We work with Fund Administrators so that they can facilitate transactions in alternative assets, enable safe custody, provide capital formation tools, and cost-effective distribution services— all within one seamless solution.

Current Challenge For Innovators

Fund Administrators need to engage multiple vendors; however, these vendors are incapable of satisfying all the prerequisites required for managing private investments. Additionally, certain solutions lack modern technology features, leading to an inconsistent experience that adversely affects the Asset Managers. Consequently, this compromises the efficiency of investment execution, which, in turn, inhibits the success of investment operations for their clients.

How Brassica Helps Address This

Brassica offers a comprehensive platform solution for custody, capital formation, and distribution services, powered by an API infrastructure and backed by our deep domain knowledge in the Fund Administration space. With Brassica, you can enjoy seamless management of your alternative assets through a secure and efficient online platform, managed by knowledgeable service providers.

Brassica Features for Fund Administrators

pre trade

Custody Cash, Private Securities, and Digital Assets

transfer restrictions

Capital formation tools at your disposal

transfer assets

Distribution of cash and digital assets


Ability to open custody accounts for international investors

post trade

Customizable solution that can work with your existing systems

Explore more Brassica Solutions

We offer a wide range of services tailored for Fund Administrators. If you are looking to modernize your trading experience and need solutions for custody, capital formation, and distribution services, we are here to help you.

Qualified Custody Services

Built for safeguarding Alternative Assets

Paying Agent Services

Built for alternative investment distributions

Transfer Agent Services

Built for alternative investment ownership management

Capital Formation Backoffice Services

Built for modern securities offerings

Distribution Services

Customized Distribution services built for alternative investment

Blockchain Custody Services

Qualified Custody Services built for digital assets

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