Transfer agent built for management of ownership of alternative investments

Easy identification and tracking of beneficial owners for alternative investments. Remain compliant and reduce the risk of fraud.

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Alternative Investment Focused

Alternative Investment Focused

Built with Reg CF, Reg A+, Reg D and other regulatory exemptions in mind.

API-Forward Solution

API-Forward Solution

Designed to be integrated into your platform’s UX/UI, providing your issuers and investors a better experience.

Cost-Efficient & Scalable

Cost-Efficient & Scalable

Built to scale for hundreds of thousands of issues and millions of investors, while remaining cost-effective.

The Problem Today

With traditional transfer agents, issuers and investors are left with a disjointed and cumbersome experience.

Issuers and investors must leave your platform for transfer agent services, creating a disruptive experience.

No bidirectional data to obtain real-time updates in relation to investors and holdings, recorded by the transfer agent.

Issuers and investors have to correspond with a third party for key events like transfers, sales, and conversions.

No direct integration with your platform to facilitate secondary liquidity.

Brassica Transfer Agent Solution

Our digital transfer agent provides issuers and investors a seamless and unified experience. Devon Lane Email Address Phone Number Marital Status Transactions

Personalize your User Experience

Remain in control of your front-end by integrating our transfer agent into your platform via our API. Transfer Request $40,082 Customer Details Origination Transaction Reference APPROVE

Enable Programmatic Transfers

Seamlessly request transfers, sales, updates, and conversions via API.

812,965 Units Total Available 682 Holders Active $16,197,841 Secondary Liquidity

Enable Secondary trading liquidity

Our platform features the ability to enable secondary liquidity, providing greater flexibility for investors to buy and sell assets. Security Records Issuer Name Beneneficial Owner Name Asset Type Asset Documentation Units Total Value Status

Access Ownership Records

Access records of securities held by investors on your platform via API or Brassica’s dashboard.

Transfer Agent Features

Our SEC-registered transfer agent can seamlessly integrate with your existing applications. Our innovative solution creates a unified digital experience that services issuers and investors in a compliant and cost-effective way.


Create & Maintain Investor Records

Issue and cancel securities. Maintain an accurate record of all of your investors and their holdings.

Data & Insights

Request reports detailing securities, investors, and transactions.


Transfer securities in the event of a change of beneficiary ownership or sale.


First-Party Experience

Review holdings, make inquiries, initiate transfers and receive distributions in the same UX of the platform through which they invested. One less third party to deal with.


Transfer securities in the event of a change of beneficiary ownership or sale.

Updated Records

Keep important information up to date, including name, address, phone, and email.


Front-End Freedom

API-forward solution purpose-built for platform integration. Offer issuers and investors access to transfer agent functionality through your existing UX.


Built to scale for hundreds of thousands of issues and millions of investors, with minimal manual operational intervention.


Automated and scalable features built specifically for widely held securities issues, remaining cost-efficient.

Ready for Secondary Liquidity

Ready to integrate with Alternative Trading Systems (ATS) and peer-to-peer solutions to facilitate secondary liquidity.

How our Transfer Agent compares

Our transfer agent is designed from the ground up to facilitate private security transactions at scale, providing flexible and compliant solutions for issuers, investment platforms, and investors.

Transfer Agents
Record Investors YES icon YES icon
Record Holdings YES icon YES icon
Create Securities YES icon YES icon
Cost effective for private securities, especially widely held issues NO icon YES icon
ATS Integration Ready NO icon YES icon
Tokenized Security Compatible NO icon YES icon
API Based NO icon YES icon
Front-End UX Flexibility NO icon YES icon
Paying Agent services for programmatic distributions COMING SOON NO icon YES icon
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