Brassica Solutions

We offer a programmatic API for Alternative Trading Systems (ATS) and bulletin board operators engaged in alternative asset transactions. Our API powers fast pre- and post-trade services, facilitating swift settlement cycles for seamless transactions.

Current Challenge For Innovators

There is a lack of tech-forward, regulated, and trustworthy solutions that cater specifically to ATS systems built for alternative assets. Particularly when it comes to finding a transfer agent and custody solution capable of efficient record updates, and the safe custody and seamless transfer of assets.

How Brassica Helps Address This

Brassica's integrated API-forward custody, escrow, and transfer agent solutions offer ATS systems the essential infrastructure required for efficient and reliable trading activity. With an in-depth understanding of the alternative assets landscape, the Brassica team has developed a solution tailored to the unique needs of ATS systems, ensuring seamless and effective operations.

Brassica Features for Alternative Trading Systems

pre trade

Pre-trade: Verify your sellers and their holdings prior to sale.

transfer restrictions

Ensure transfer restrictions are satisfied.

transfer assets

Encumber assets until transactions are finalized.


Settle secondary transactions without the need for an escrow account.

post trade

Rapid settlement of transfers between buyers and sellers.

Explore other Brassica solutions

We offer a wide range of services tailored for Alternative Trading Systems. If you are looking to modernize your trading experience and need solutions for transfer agent activities, escrow services, distributions, and custody, we are here to help you.

Transfer Agent Services

Built for alternative investment ownership management

Paying Agent Services

Built for alternative investment distributions

Qualified Custody Services

Built for safeguarding alternative assets

Capital Formation Backoffice Services

Built for modern securities offerings

Distribution Services

Customized distributions services built for alternative investment

Digital Custody Services

Qualified custody services built for digital assets

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