alternative investments

Distribution Services built specifically for alternative investments

Manage alternative investment distributions using our regulated Trust Company and Transfer Agent services.

Domestic and International Payments

Domestic and International Payments

Secure one-time and recurring domestic and international payments.

API-Forward Solution

API-Forward Solution

Integrate into your platform’s UX/UI, providing your issuers and investors an enhanced experience.



Customize for your specific use case, while remaining cost-effective and scalable.

Option to have distributionstransmitted to bank accounts or transmit payments toBrassica Trust Companycustody accounts. Flexible Cash Distributions Allocate digital assets to custody accounts held by Brassica Trust Company, a regulated Qualified Custody. Blockchain Distributions Option to have distributions transmitted to bank accounts worldwide or to Brassica Trust Company Custody accounts. Flexible Cash Distributions Allocate digital assets to Custody accounts held by Brassica Trust Company, a regulated Qualified Custodian. Blockchain Distributions
Automate <span class='blockchain-text'>Distributions</span>, Ensure Compliance, & Reduce Risk
Automate Distributions, Ensure Compliance, & Reduce Risk

Brassica’s Distribution services makes managing alternative investments, including digital asset distributions, a breeze.

Our platform handles royalties, dividends, profit sharing, and interest payments with ease.

Our Differentiating Features

Automated Distribution Services

With Brassica's automated Sistribution Services, issuers can easily pay out distributions, such as dividends and interest, to their investors.

Our system enables investor distributions, including dividends, principal and interest payments, profit or revenue sharing, and more, with 1099 tax reporting facilities.

Say goodbye to manual payment processing and hello to streamlined, automated paying agent services with Brassica.

$89,123 .45 Floyd Miles Rundofase J-Texon Albert Flores $250.00 $1,270.00 $2,575.00 $675.00

Innovative Pricing & Billing

We offer flexible pricing and billing options. Choose the option that makes the most sense for your business, with a solution that is not only cost-effective but also designed to scale with you.

Invoice Dec 18, 2023 for Floyd Miles Invoice For Items Amount Due Amount

Programmatic Investor Distributions

Our paying agent service enables programmatic investor distributions, making it easy to manage large-scale distributions efficiently and accurately.

Programmatic Investor <span class='blockchain-text'>Distributions</span>

Investor Benefits

Investors can easily connect their verified financial accounts to receive distributions, making the process even more seamless.

Investors can access account statements showing all of their holdings and transactions, providing added trust and transparency.

$29,123 .45 Bank Account 85.4% Last 14 Days

Distribution Services

Providing issuers the ability to distribute funds to investors efficiently and with ease, our Transfer Agent platform automates the payment process, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements while reducing the risk of fraud.


Effect Distributions

Distribute dividends, principal and interest payments, profit or revenue sharing, with 1099 tax reporting facilities.


Account Statements

Account statements of all holdings and transactions provided upon request.

Receive Investment Distributions

Link your verified financial accounts to receive distributions payments.


Automated Paying Agent Service

Enable investor distributions including dividends, principal and interest payments.

Innovative Pricing & Billing

Cover, share, or pass through transfer agent costs to issuers.

Front-End Freedom

API-forward solution purpose-built for platform integration. Offer issuers and investors access to transfer agent functionality through your existing UX/UI.

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