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The most scalable, cost-effective, fully-integratable SEC registered Transfer Agent.

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Unlike other Transfer Agents, ours is purpose-built for the digital age, specifically for investment platforms and issuers.


Your issuers and investors have a broken experience

Maually find & onboard your transfer agent
Issuers and investors have a disjointed experience and must leave your platform for transfer agent service
Issuers and investors have to correspond with a third party for key events like transfers, sales, conversions.
No direct integration with your platform to perform secondary transfers via ATS or bulletin board
Typically, no bi-directional data to get updates on investor and holding data recorded by the transfer agent.

Your issuers and investors have an integrated single experience

Integrate via API and embed Brassica Transfer Agent into your platform with full front end freedom.
Programmatically request transfers, sales, updates, and conversions via API
Show registered holdings directly to your investors in your platform
ATS-ready or bulletin board-ready for you to build your own secondary market
Programmatically conduct distributions and payments to investors

What is a Transfer Agent?

A transfer agent plays a vital role in acting as a liaison between a company issuing securities and its investors. A transfer agent is an SEC regulated entity that maintains the issuer's investor records and records changes of ownership. Brassica does all that and then some, including the distribution of funds from issuers to investors such as dividend and interest payments.



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Transfer Agent

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By using a transfer agent your clients looking to raise funds, can minimize administrative and regulatory hassles.

Companies seeking to raise funds can be exempt from the responsibility and costs of filing public reports by using a transfer agent.

Engaging a transfer agent also protects companies from the costly risks associated with mistakes in investor’ records, reporting, and distribution of dividends.

Unique Features that no one else offers