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Investment infrastructure built for future-focused companies.


We set out to build investment infrastructure specifically for the new era of private sun shining securities and alternative assets.

Our team has pioneered and developed the nascent online investment platform and alternative asset management industry, over the past 10+ years. We experienced first-hand many of the things that don't work in the world of tech-enabled alternative investments, and have come together to build solutions to power the investment industry of the future.

What’s in a name?

Brassica is a type of high growth seed.

The Brassica seed can generate multiple nutritious and widely-consumed vegetables: broccoli, cabbage, kale, cauliflower, collard greens and more.

Just like the Brassica seed, we provide the source of growth for others. Our infrastructure provides a single technology layer with multiple embedded services that enable anyone to build a compliant, scalable, alternative assets business. *

Built for the Future

We're on a mission to enable the investment companies of the future. Our technology is seeded in innovation. Our plug and go solutions are designed with ease and simplicity in mind.

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Secure & compliant technology
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Built for private securities and alternative assets investment
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A team of domain experts
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Innovative, technology-forward solutions

Join our mission and unlock alternative assets for the masses.